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Here at Megalopolis, we are big fans of miniature gaming - and we believe that it is much more fun and engaging when playing with painted miniatures.  But we realise not everyone enjoys - or is good at - painting miniatures.  So we are happy to highlight the painting service offered by Deathstroke Miniature Painting Studio.  Please see below for details:

Deathstroke Miniature Painting Studio is an independent small business located in the U.K. Our goal is to supply painted miniatures of great quality, worldwide. We are studio painters for Battle Systems ‘Core Space - miniatures skirmish game’ and have now joined forces with Megalopolis, to combine the best ‘Crisis Protocol’ miniature prices on the internet with (in our opinion), the best painted versions of these on the web.

Make your mini’s come to life and re-enact your favourite Marvel moments!

Crisis Protocol Painting Price List

35mm based figure - £35

50mm based figure - £50

65mm based figure - £65

Thanos - £80

Feel free to stop by my facebook page when you get a chance

Please note that Deathstroke Studios is in no way related to Megalopolis, we just like their painting.  If you prefer playing the game to sitting around painting your miniatures, then why not give them a go!