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Marvel Champions: Doctor Strange Hero Pack

Marvel Champions: Doctor Strange Hero Pack
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When renowned surgeon Doctor Stephen Strange sought to fix his broken hands through magical means, he found a new calling in life. Utilising mystic forces beyond our mortal understanding, Doctor Strange now protects our dimension as the Sorcerer Supreme!

With the Doctor Strange Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, Doctor Strange calls upon forces beyond our understanding, represented within the game by a unique Invocation deck. As the defender of our dimension, the Doctor Strange Hero Pack offers a fully pre-built deck using the Protection aspect to ensure your team of heroes can defend against any attack, from this mortal realm or beyond!

Master of the Mystic Arts

There are invocations beyond our wildest understanding. To represent the incredible knowledge and magical power of Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange, 1), he begins each game with a special, fixed deck of five Invocation cards, in addition to his player deck. The top card of this Invocation deck is always faceup, and can be played with Doctor Strange’s Spell Mastery ability. Alternatively, you can use the natural talent of Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange, 2) to discard the top card of the Invocation deck, helping you cycle through the five cards and find the one you need at the right time. If the Invocation deck is ever empty, you’ll simply shuffle the five cards back together to form the deck again with no penalty—preparing you to launch into these powerful spells again!

Playing these cards comes at the cost of exhausting Doctor Strange, but they are appropriately powerful. Crimson Bands of Cyttorak (Doctor Strange, 32) not only deals out a massive seven damage, but ensures the villain will be all wrapped up when it’s their time to attack. Alternatively, the Winds of Watoomb (Doctor Strange, 36) can be used to fuel your next turn, giving you a windfall of new cards to energise your mystic spells.

Meanwhile, Master of the Mystic Arts (Doctor Strange, 5) allows the Sorcerer Supreme to bend the rules of his own Invocations, essentially letting a card be played twice before being replaced. You may draw six cards with the Winds of Watoomb or lock down multiple enemies with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak!

Dimensional Defenders

Doctor Strange guards our realms from mystical threats, but he doesn’t do it alone. Puncturing the very heart of the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, Danny Rand also maintains a legacy title, that of the kung fu master Iron Fist (Doctor Strange, 14)! As the master of the Iron Fist, Danny Rand puts an extra beatdown on his foes with additional damage and a stun condition whenever he attacks.

While Iron Fist takes a more proactive approach to protecting this realm, The Night Nurse (Doctor Strange, 19) takes a different tack—patching up the heroes who come to her with no questions asked. Entering the game with three medical counters, she can easily heal damage and remove status cards when you’re in peril.

While the Doctor Strange pre-constructed deck included in this Hero Pack uses the Protection aspect, it also includes cards for each of the other three aspects. Doctor Strange’s allies extend far beyond the Protection aspect. Most notably, this also marks the first time a hero in the game has been reintroduced as an ally!

Controlled Chaos

Not all who immerse themselves in the mystic arts have mankind’s best interest at heart. Some serve a far darker lord. Baron Mordo (Doctor Strange, 28) is Doctor Strange’s nemesis, and he also uses the mystic arts to achieve his own ends. You never know what Baron Mordo has in store, each attack hitting Strange with an additional random effect. As long as Mordo is on the board, the Sorcerer Supreme can never truly be safe.

Of course, Doctor Strange’s enemies aren’t all external. The mystic arts always have a cost and a toll must always be paid. Unless Doctor Strange is willing to exhaust, the Physical Toll (Doctor Strange, 27) the mystic arts take on his body will increase the cost of the next event he plays by three, making his job as a sworn defender significantly more difficult.

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Itís clobberin time
Thursday, 25 March 2021  | 

An alpha of a pack, would recommend and a first purchase.

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Try Me, Beyonce
Friday, 15 May 2020  | 

-Dr. Stephen Strange.

I was torn between giving this expansion 4 or 5 stars. It's possibly my favourite deck yet, especially as its the first time I truly want to play the Protection aspect, but as pointed out before... it is overpowered.

Up till now Protection has taken a bit of back seat in our house hold. With Dr Strange's unique cards and his Invocation deck giving a great all round ability of Damage giving, Threat removal and to a lesser degree Damage prevention, you are able to play protection and feel like you have done something towards the outcome of the game... not just mopping up other people's bloody noses whilst they prevent threat and deal damage.

There are moments in the Marvel Champions game where you have the perfect storm of cards in your play area, your hand, sometimes in your discard pile... and if luck has it on top of your draw deck. Then BAM the hero wins! You generally had to go through your deck at least twice and build your engine by making some tough choices along the way to acheive this. I always play Rhino with a new deck until I get to grips with the mechanics and new cards as a first run. With Dr Strange playing solo I tore through 2 stages of villan and had no real challenge with threat build up or damage loss.... all whilst playing protection. My starting hand and Invocation deck, as luck would have it did 14 damage... flip to stage II. 2nd hand did 7 damage.. only two rounds after that. Definately a deck for more challenging villans and probably Heroic modes.

A must have, but leaves you feeling that you some how cheated...

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Super OP Pack but tons of fun
Thursday, 7 May 2020  | 

Great deck although he is a little overpowered so can take the fun out some matchups. Best played against Ultron as he struggles against lots of drones. Love the concept of the Invocation deck and there are some must have Protection cards in his pack (Iron Fist being the key one for me)

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